How Hypnotherapy Can be Used on Children

hypnotherapy for children

How Hypnotherapy Can be Used on Children. Today Hypnosis can be termed as a branch of medicine which is quite unique, whereas in the past this treatment was not considered to be effective . Hypnotherapy is simply the procedure in which hypnosis is used for treating any symptom, issue or addiction.

In this therapy, the patient is brought in to a state of deep relaxation. At the same time, the patient is attentive and would be able to respond. In simple words, in hypnotherapy the patients seem to be asleep but they are actually awake.

How Hypnotherapy Can be Used on Children

It was always considered that hypnotherapy can only be used on adults. But this is not the case; hypnosis for children has also proved to be quite beneficial. Studies have proved the fact that children are more attached to their imaginary world as compared to adults, and for this reason, children give a better response in hypnotherapy as opposed to adults.

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In many cases, even children at the age of 5 or 6 years old have been put through the process of hypnotherapy. But in some exceptional cases it has also been observed that a 3 year child can also go through this kind of therapy. It shows that hypnosis for children is a phenomenon that is not unusual. Even hypnosis for children in Cheshire is very famous and two different types of hypnotherapy are being used. These two types are hypno-analysis and suggestion therapy. Now we are going to discuss how hypnosis can be used on children.

Children hypnotherapy is very much required when anxieties, phobias and other worries are consuming your child. The hypnosis for children becomes necessary at this stage, as it is not healthy for any child to carry that amount of baggage with him the rest of his life.

Various behaviours among children are successfully treated by making use of this therapy, as well as pain or uneasiness. The most common issues in which hypnosis for children are commonly used are thumb sucking, nightmares, low confidence, bed wetting and sleeping disorders. Many different treatments are available for the hypnotherapy among children.

The most common treatment is known as ‘blow away’. The child is brought in to the hypnotic state and then they are asked about their negative feelings and thoughts. Then in the same hypnotic state the children are asked to blow away these thoughts and habits.

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This therapy is quite useful as it helps children to leave their irritating habits and negative thoughts behind. These relaxation techniques are easy to cure the children as the hypnotherapy is free of pain and distress. The children are just brought in to the position of daydreaming and fantasy. By getting in to their imaginary world they discuss many problems and worries in their mind.

Hypnotherapy is a very effective and economical treatment. It is recommended that if your child is having issues like anxieties, unwanted habits or worries then instead of going towards the treatments which are expensive and may have side effects, you should consider and try hypnotherapy.


How Hypnotherapy Can be Used on Children

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