Children Pass Eleven Plus Exams Using NLP

Children Pass Eleven Plus Exams Using NLP

The UK government has its own key stages marked in a child’s education ladder. One such stage is the eleven plus exam, passing which would ensure your child’s admission in a private or a grammar school. While parents want what is best for their children, this exam at such an early age may cause your child stress and thereby hampering his performance. “Practice, practice and practice” is what eleven plus exam teachers tell students to do. However psychologists have come up with better methods to achieve optimum output.

Neuro-linguistic Programming or in short NLP therapy for children will be the ideal solution needed for your child to pass his exam. NLP Therapists for children in Huntington would give your child the confidence he needs through hypnosis sessions. During NLP therapy for children, the children will be asked to engage in activities that will help them to overcome their fears.

Children aim to please their parents from a very young age. They act out in ways that their parents think are praiseworthy. Sometimes the fear of disappointing them is the very source causing stress for them. A nagging parent can coax his child unconsciously to work harder when he is only making things harder on him.

During a NLP therapy session in Huntington, children will be asked to “be the pilot of their plane, be the captain of their ship”, in short being in control of their life. Through imaginative sessions such as these, NLP therapists for children would allow them to let go of their fears and inhibitions.

NLP therapies believe in a positive outcome they believe that the therapies change behavior and emotions, improve relationships and mould positive models. Negative thoughts in children will cause them to stop studying for an exam but with the help of NLP, these thoughts will be a thing of the past.

A mother of a ten year old, was worried of the low self esteem her daughter had. She was good at art and science and would produce excellent homework projects. But as soon as the time for an exam would come closer, she would complain of a stomachache and refuse to go to school. The general physician informed the mother that there was no apparent problem with her daughter, and recommended a NLP for kids therapist to give a proper diagnosis for the issue at hand. “The results were amazing”, the relieved mum said. After just three sessions her daughter was feeling more confident and she would readily study for and excel in her tests. After only a year, the girl took the eleven plus exam and secured a position in a grammar school. NLP for kids did wonders for this family and it can do the same for yours.

Parents claim that their children have been able to pass their eleven plus exam through NLP child therapies. NLP therapy for children in Huntington helps to release children from their fears and insecurities so that they too can be successful in academics.

Gemma Bailey

Gemma Bailey is co-founder of NLP4Kids. NLP4Kids is an international organisation, which provides therapy and workshops to tackle issues such as self esteem, confidence, bullying, exam stress, phobias, eating disorders and so on.


Children Pass Eleven Plus Exams Using NLP

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