Favorite Article Links on Blog

Favorite Article Links on Blog

Very much information and knowledge in cyberspace. One way is through a blog or website. Further discussion on top topics on several blogs that can be a source of information and knowledge for you.

Reference Data Management

Reference Data Management (MDR) is a key component in master data management. MDR provides processes and technologies for recognizing, aligning, and sharing data sets that are relatively static and encoded for “reference” by many groups such as: people, systems, and other master data domains. Such systems provide process, security, governance and audit controls around the reference data domain.

On the other hand, MDR systems also manage complex mappings between different reference data representations and different data domains across the enterprise. Most contemporary MDR systems also provide connectivity, usually a service-oriented architecture service layer (also known as: microservices), to share reference data with business, analytics/data science and government applications.

Source: datareferensi.com – Manajemen Data Referensi

Constellations: Astronomy of Ancient Civilizations

The assimilation between the points that make up the constellation is arbitrary, that is, it does not respond to any particular astronomical question, but to human criteria. However, the constellations became a fundamental part of ancient civilizations’ astronomical communications.

The ancient peoples who made the first records on the constellations were the civilizations of the Middle East and the Mediterranean. Many constellations are identified by a particular culture, which does not mean that other people recognize them. There are constellations of the Chinese, pre-Columbian, Hindu, among others. Currently, the IAU (International Astronomical Union) recognizes 88 modern constellations.

The constellations can be seen directly when looking at the night sky, they are always in the same position and can be seen more clearly in areas with low concentrations of artificial light and pollution. Although the stars that form the same constellation appear to be at a short distance, in reality they can be found millions of kilometers from one another.

Source: kelasdata.com – Rasi Bintang: Astronomi Peradaban Kuno

Theory of Origin of the Universe

With time, the scientific method made it possible to resolve some of these questions. Plants grow because they get enough sunlight and nutrients from the soil and water. The sky is blue because waves travel through the atmosphere and we get sick because microorganisms attack us.

Until now science is trying to unravel some of the oldest questions that man has asked himself, and one of them is what is the origin of the universe. Although it has some clues, but still not sure that know how to answer the question correctly.

Source: kumauinfo.com – Teori Asal Usul Alam Semesta

Definition of Mutualism

Mutualism is a type of relationship between species in which two or more participating individuals gain mutual benefit through a beneficial association. This type of link causes no harm to either and allows both organisms involved to see an increase in their biological abilities, that is, they have a greater capacity to survive and reproduce.

Among living things we can find various types of interspecific relationships, that is, interactions in which members of two or more species participate. Predation, cooperation, parasitism and commensalism are some examples of this type of interaction. This type of interspecific relationship can be seen as a kind of biological barter or exchange, in which each species offers and receives something. It depends on what is given and what is received.

Source: diangemilang.com – Pengertian Mutualisme, Karakteristik dan Contohnya

Collection of Famous Material Blog Articles

Mathematical Formulas to Build Space

Many say that mathematics is difficult. Meanwhile, there are many fun and easy things in learning mathematics, especially basic material such as geometric shapes which are quite easy to understand.

Various easy efforts to solve math problems in geometric material, of course there are some tricks and guides and are equipped with the formulas of course. Now for teachers, parents and students who have difficulty understanding and working on simple math practice questions, there is a complete basic review as one of the reference materials and a guide to getting to know Construct Space.

Source: ruangpintar.com – Rumus Matematika Bangun Ruang

Favorite Article Links on Blog

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