Popular Blog Article Collection

Popular Blog Article Collection

The pace of information technology is getting faster, enabling many people to get information and knowledge quickly and broadly. One way is through a blog or website. The following are important topics on several blogs that can be used as references.

Ebony black wood

The slow growth of ebony makes the wood fibers very tight and very strong so that it is included in the class 1 wood category. It is dark brown, black, or black with reddish stripes. The tree has single leaves arranged alternately, oblong in shape, with a tapered tip, the upper surface is glossy, like leather and dark green in color, the lower surface is hairy and green-gray.

Sulawesi black wood is mainly used for expensive furniture, carvings and sculptures, musical instruments (eg guitars and pianos), various sticks, and jewelery boxes. This wood has been exported abroad since the 18th century. Its main market is Japan, as well as Europe and the United States.

Source: kalpataru.web.id – Eboni, Kayu hitam Sulawesi (Diospyros celebica)

Competition and competitiveness

Competition and competitiveness are concepts that are often closely related in the world of business and economics. Both require a great deal of effort on the part of the individual and tend to occur together: in general, to be competitive it is necessary to have a minimum of competence, while it may be possible to increase competence in a task by competing with others.

The two concepts of competition and competitiveness are something that are very present in our daily lives, and both competition and competitiveness are often related and go hand in hand, especially in the workplace, where they are sometimes confused for one another. However, they are actually distinct concepts that refer to different constructs.

Source: blogliterasi.com – Perbedaan Antara Kompetisi dan Daya Saing

Future delivery technology drone

The future technology that will have a major impact on its application sector is delivery drones. Currently there are delivery robots and drones capable of performing various functions related to product logistics and transportation. However, these technological developments and innovations will allow drones to perform most of these tasks within a few decades.

This will greatly improve logistics networks and supply chains around the world, as they will become autonomous systems that work uninterruptedly 24/7, increasing system efficiency and guaranteeing quality services according to customer standards. and keep growing. Hence the importance of future technology in this sector.

Source: kanalwaktu.com -Teknologi Masa Depan Trend Tahun 2030

Megalithic statue of Pasemah

The megalithic statue in Pasemah is included in the Death Monument because now its use and function has been abandoned by its supporting community, in this case the megalithic community in the prehistoric period. The megalithic tradition itself is inspired by the shape of stones built by humans to meet physical and spiritual needs in the form of large or small stones.

The Pasemah megalithic statues depict illustrations of animals or humans which are most likely closely related to the Pasemah megalithic community’s ability to tame wild animals such as elephants, buffaloes or even tigers.

Source: khazanah.web.id – Peninggalan Arca Megalitik Pasemah

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Walk every day

Among the most common physical activities are walking, cycling, playing sports, participating in recreational activities and games. According to health specialist institutions, physical activity does not have to be complicated. Something as simple as a brisk daily walk can help you lead a healthier life.

Health clinic specialists say that if a person walks faster, farther, and often, the greater the benefits. For example, one recommendation is to start as a normal walk, and then work your way up to walking faster and covering certain distances in less time.

Source: kanalonline.web.id – Inilah manfaat jalan kaki setiap hari


Popular Blog Article Collection

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