Top Article Sorting Group on Blog

Top Article Sorting Group on Blog

In this increasingly sophisticated era, there is a lot of knowledge and information in cyberspace. The following reviews about the top topics on several blogs that can be a source of information and knowledge for you. However, one of the means is through a blog or website.

Hellenistic Art

Hellenistic art is art influenced by Greek or Hellenistic art. Hellenistic art was essentially an eclectic art in that the aesthetic components of Hellenistic art and the different ruling cultures (Asian and Western) were mixed in it.

Hellenistic art was a consequence of the imperial vocation of Alexander the Great and his followers, as well as the Roman people. They are all also admirers of Hellenic culture. Consequently, in this style intimate, solemn, general, colossal and petty features can be observed at the same time.

Source: – Pengertian dan Karakteristik Seni Helenistik

Secrets of the human mind that must be solved

Even though you probably already know many of the secrets of how the human body works, the human mind remains one of science’s greatest mysteries. It is true that the parts of the human body, science has uncovered almost all of its secrets, but the truth about the human mind, the brain, until now there are still many unknowns that must be resolved .

There is a well-known myth that we can only use 10% of our brain. This is a false belief. However, this does not mean that we really know very little about the functioning of the human mind.

Source: – Hal Misterius tentang Pikiran Manusia

Do You Suffer from Chronic Constipation?

There are several triggers for people to experience constipation. These include eating too little dietary fiber, not drinking enough fluids (water), not exercising, ignoring the “urgent” to have a bowel movement and prolonged stress. Other factors can be an inert colon that doesn’t contract properly, causing waste materials to pass slowly through the colon, a food allergy that can cause the colon to contract, or a mechanical barrier that blocks the movement of waste materials.

Many prescription drugs and certain neurological disorders can also slow the movement of waste materials through the colon. Constipation can also be caused by the abuse of laxatives, which over time can damage nerve cells in the large intestine and interfere with their ability to contract properly.

Source: – Are You Suffering From Chronic Constipation?

The Fate of Madurese Folklore

Madurese folk tales grow together with their speakers. In the past, Madurese folklore had a place of honor in the hearts of its owners because it was the primary medium in passing down the noble values of the Madurese along with their moral teachings.

Reviewing and researching the legends of the Madurese people is very important for Indonesian people, especially the Madurese people, so that they can remember one of the wealth of the Indonesian nation, namely Madurese folklore, so that it can be preserved and introduced to the younger generation, especially the young Madurese generation.

Source: – Nasib Cerita Rakyat Madura

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Mistakes in Managing Personal Finances

Whatever income you get from work, it can always be insufficient or lacking, if you make mistakes in managing your finances. There are several changes to how to set a monthly salary in order to change your financial condition.

One way to change your financial habits to avoid financial management mistakes that have been made is to correct bad habits, and improve spending habits. And some of the most common financial management mistakes, you can fix.

Source: – Kesalahan Dalam Mengatur Keuangan Pribadi

Top Article Sorting Group on Blog

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