A Degree In Finance Prepares You For Many Careers

A Degree In Finance

A Degree In Finance Prepares You For Many Careers. Hopefully you read this article before you set your chosen degree in stone, for your university studies. I learned the hard way that a degree in human biology does not go too far in business or finance. Hey, at least I can tell people I have a BS. I have gone back and gotten all the licensing and training for business and finance, and am now doing great, however, it would have just been easier had I majored in finance to begin with.

A Degree In Finance Prepares You For Many Careers

First of all, in the world of finance there are many avenues. The obvious path that people usually think of first is to become a certified financial planner. Your clients will often ask you about your background and telling them you have a degree in finance would certainly be impressive. It will obviously also give you a strong backbone in knowledge of the financial and investment world.

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You can also pursue a career as an accountant. Don’t ask me why you would want to become a bean counter, but if that is your cup of tea, then go for it. You could go into investment banking in Houston. Or work on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.

I submit that a degree in finance would give you excellent preparation for working in the real estate arena. Although often divided into separate fields, really a mutual fund or a real estate investment is the same thing. The fund you could invest in may be a REIT which is short for real estate investment trust. Having a good understanding of the numbers, balance sheets, profits and losses, would certainly help.

Many with a degree in finance create a career in insurance. There is just so much darn money to be made there. Everyone needs it and the insurance companies pay out very large commissions on insurance sales. An annuity is a form of insurance that is used for retirement and investments that are offered my most financial planners.

Finally, if you went into business, a degree in finance would help you in running the books. You would have a stronger awareness of good deals versus losing deals.

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So if you want, you can major in history, English, Political Science, or the real winner that I chose, Human Biology. But then I would tell you to think again. Major in Business or Finance.


A Degree In Finance Prepares You For Many Careers

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