Make A Plan To Ensure Student Job Success

Student Job Success

Make A Plan To Ensure Student Job Success. I’m a lecturer often come across students experiencing difficulties gaining employment once they have finished their studies.

It’s easy to get deterred when you are not having any success initially. This can lead to feeling down and loosing confidence which obviously we want to avoid.

Once you are feeling down and out, this can lead to loss of the momentum when it comes to job hunting. On the other side, however, by doing a little week by week consistently you will find that the right opportunity will appear when it is supposed to.

The first thing you should consider is setting up a plan (week by week) to extend over six months to ensure you don’t fall off track and become disillusioned about getting a job.

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Students that can consistently do a small amount of work every week to find a job are far more likely to land the perfect job sooner.

This is due to a few reasons…

Firstly, by following a plan and sticking closely to it, the student can see that there is a commitment to finding work and will not expect instant gratification before the underlying work is done.

Secondly, the student can maintain momentum, keeping up to date with the jobs advertised so no length of time goes with no jobs being screened that may be ideal.

Also, the student is able to keep a much more positive outlook on the whole recruiting process and reduce the likelihood of becoming depressed and loosing confidence.

I suggest a schedule be drawn up that includes at least:

  • Half a day per week visiting sites you would like to work for and handing over your resume (rotate on a 6 week basis to return to the first sites so they get to see you are serious but not a too persistent)
  • Half a day per week searching company websites for employment links and submitting resumes directly via email this way
  • Two half days searching job search sites like SEEK and careerone to apply for jobs
  • Half a day per week following printing up and mailing out resumes to businesses

By breaking up the weekly schedule into half days it is not too overwhelming.

Don’t be too selective to begin with as the interview procedure alone is worth it’s weight in gold for practicing for the “grand finale” of jobs you will eventually find.

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Make sure you inform people you run into when you are out that you are looking for employment. You never know who they may know.

Finally, ensure your student resume is professional and up to date to make a lasting impression. If you keep consistently doing this job searching method I can assure you will find employment faster than those not following a plan and be rewarded with student job search success.


Make A Plan To Ensure Student Job Success

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