Writing the Ideal Cover Letter to Capture Attention

Cover Letter

Writing the Ideal Cover Letter to Capture Attention. Your cover letter is your “first step in the door” when it come to getting your resume reviewed by employers. Therefore, it makes sense, to spend some time preparing your cover letter to enable you the best opportunity of being considered. Read on to see how I design the perfect cover letter for clients that get great results!

Writing the Ideal Cover Letter to Capture Attention

Firstly is the introduction

Keep it brief and polite and state your reason for the letter and how you learned about the job.

By explaining how you found out about the position, the recruiter gets a feel for your intention, and is able to see which method of advertising was utilized. This is a great opportunity to firstly specify the job you are interested in, and secondly, if you were encouraged to apply or have been referred by someone of good standing from the firm then you can add this information.

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An example of a first paragraph could be:

I would like to apply for the role of [add the position] within [add the department or company] as listed above. This position caught my interest whilst I was searching on seek.com.


“I would like to apply for the role of [add the position] within [add the department or company] as listed above. I became aware of this position when a family friend (John Doe – Personal Assistant to CEO) encouraged me to apply and provided a recommendation.”

What Interests You?

Next paragraph should be 1-2 sentences explaining what interests you about the position in particular. This is a good opportunity to show enthusiasm, motivation and of course explain what it is about the job, hours, location, company or field of work that caused you to notice this vacancy?

For example:

“This position is of specific interest to me because I have developed a passion for customer interaction and providing customer service. You could say I am a people person and enjoy the opportunity to make a lasting impression.”

Your Skills

Next paragraph is of utmost importance to explain how your skills or qualifications meet their position requirements. Read over the job description to review the skills they are looking for, and note the skills you have that are the same and if anything your skills will enable the company to achieve its goals.

An example of this paragraph would be:

“In short my last role that has major relevance was adult educator at a high school for 3 years where I taught during evenings for adult life skills much like the description of this position. My diverse background includes vocational teaching and communication oriented positions that are oriented towards personal support for people as that is an area I am very much passionate about. “

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Intention to follow up stated

Final paragraph is for you to state the next steps you will take to follow up. This is the edge that may put your resume at the top of the potential candidates. A sentence like

“Thank you for taking the time to consider my suitability to this position. I would like to get in touch over the next five days confirm if you require any additional information regarding my experience. “

The trick here is to actually follow up in five days with email or a call and ask if they require any further information at this point such as a list of references or a writing sample etc. This really just gives you the opportunity to build repour, get noticed and make a lasting impression. This contact shows the company that you have integrity in doing what you said you would do.

So good luck with your cover letter, and I would love to hear back from you once you have applied this format to your job applications.


Writing the Ideal Cover Letter to Capture Attention

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