Job Security During A Recession

Job Security

Job Security During A Recession. These days, economists are having a difficult time agreeing on the current state of the economy. Some claim we are in a recession, and others say we are not there yet. Either way, with large companies, many of them Fortune 500, announcing big layoffs or totally shutting down factories and closing stores, it may be a good time to start thinking about recession-proofing your job.

Job Security During A Recession

You may be lucky enough to already be in a job that is considered a necessity regardless of the state of the economy. Those jobs are associated with the following occupations:

  • Education: Teaching jobs do not seem to suffer during hard times, although the location does play a factor, such as larger cities are more stable than smaller towns and rural areas.
  • Health Care: Regardless of economic times people still need to look after their health care needs. In fact, this field of work is among one of the fastest growing occupations with everything from nurses to medical transcriptionists.
  • Environmental and energy: With fears of global warming and people working to save the environment, these jobs are in high demand. Work in finding viable alternative sources of energy and implementing them will assure you a stable job.
  • Security/Policing: Unfortunately crime does not take a cutback because of a recession. In fact, it may actually be a factor in an increase in crime and thus a need for more security or police personnel.

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As for the rest of the population who do not work in these fields, they need to find ways to make their job last through the tough times, or prepare to look at the possibility of starting a new career before they are forced to do so. Below are a few ideas to boost your job security by helping to make your company see you as indispensable and your job therefore more recession-proof.

  1. During the economic downturn, each business will be looking for ways to cut costs, so be sure to jump on the bandwagon and help find ways to pinch those elusive pennies or find cheap sources for new revenue.
  2. Forget about taking a long vacation. If you leave for a two week vacation, the boss may see that you are not really missed and as a result you may come home to an eliminated position. It is also not a good time to stroll leisurely into the office. Be on time!
  3. If you are in sales, then try finding ways to boost your sales even if only by a small margin. No one is going to lay-off their top sales person. Also go a step beyond your job description by doing a few little added extras to show you are interested in where you work and what you are doing. A show of incentive makes even the toughest boss happier.
  4. Be careful not to get a reputation as someone that does only what you are told. Volunteer for crucial deadlines and tasks that directly help free up more time for the boss. Be sure you have skills that the company will see as vital assets.
  5. Update any skills you have or go back to school or take evening classes. The more training you have, the more valuable you will prove to be to the company.
  6. Help keep company/office morale up. During times of layoffs and cutbacks, morale can drop as employees worry and fret about their job security. Try to keep a positive spin on any situation. No one wants to hear their co-workers whining about how terrible things are, or are going to be.

Following these simple suggestions may be the saving grace during the lean times that could be coming. Of course, it never hurts to update your resume and have a copy on hand. Another wise move is to never stop networking. Keeping in touch with colleagues you have dealt with over the years may pay off if you do get laid off.

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They may hold the key to a golden opportunity and by keeping in touch you will have advantage over the average person coming in to apply for the same position.

Whatever happens in the months to come, be sure to give your best possible efforts in your work environment to assure your job security.


Job Security During A Recession

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